Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd.

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Meet Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd.

Whitecrest Mushrooms is located in rural Ontario near the small town of Putnam. Established in the mid 1980's, the farm was purchased by Murray & Chantelle Good in 2001. Year round production of Portobello and Crimini mushrooms takes place in a controlled environment using state of the art controls and quality assurance practises. The team of growers and pickers at Whitecrest goes beyond industry standards to provide our customers with a quality, gourmet mushroom.

- Matt from Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd.

2899 Cromarty Dr, Putnam, ON
T: 1-519-269-3534
Level 2: Accredited HACCP Based Food Safety Plans CSI Ogranic Packaging and Labelling Certificate CSI Organic Mushroom Production Certificate
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