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    Reshaping the future of food
    • With over 80% of our food supply coming from 1000+ miles away, there’s a common cause with the majority of Canadians to reduce our dependence on imports and learn to feed ourselves again. Consumers are demanding more from the supply chain that has put our food security at risk by accelerating climate change and devastating rural economies.

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    • While this is a welcome opportunity for local food producers and processors, conventional distribution doesn’t work for local food. So three-time tech entrepreneurs Marcia Woods and Henry Quach created FreshSpoke. A technology platform that has solved the distribution conundrum for local suppliers and open up market access to foods produced and processed closer to home.

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    Logistics for sustainability
    • Since 2016, FreshSpoke has worked on behalf of local producers and processors, distributing their products to wholesale customers across Ontario – all without adding a single truck to our already congested roadways. FreshSpoke’s innovative marketplace platform leverages excess capacity in commercial delivery, giving drivers the ability to earn extra income delivering local food while reducing cost and carbon.

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    • In 2020, while the conventional supply chain buckled under the pressure of the pandemic, FreshSpoke embarked on a rapid expansion plan. We opened our first distribution facility in Barrie, Ontario to provide home delivery and curbside pick-up, doubled down on our commitment to sustainability by using only reusable and recyclable materials for packaging.

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    • Today, FreshSpoke for Home and Business is privileged to work with trusted farmers, growers and food & beverage artisans from across Ontario to provide a year-round supply of fresh and local grocery products. FreshSpoke is a proven solution in drive for a resilient food system and rural economic growth.

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