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FreshSpoke is reshaping the future of food

Our local food marketplace is on the cutting edge of an economic revolution known as the “sharing economy”, making it possible for us to get what we need from each other instead of large food enterprises and for revenue to flow through the local ecosystem, directly to the wallets of farmers and other producers. So fasten your seatbelts! FreshSpoke is dreaming big and driving forward with new features connecting field and fork in more ways than you ever thought possible.

About Us


Appointment of Barb Shopland as Director of Strategic Partnerships

Barb joins FreshSpoke from Georgian College where as the Strategic Project Lead, she developed the college's food entrepreneurship strategy.

October 4th, 2016

FreshSpoke Launches Prototype

The first version of FreshSpoke is released for Web, featuring online ordering and producer self-delivery in Ontario Canada.

September, 2016

ei•ei•eat rebrands as FreshSpoke

To align with our new direction and customer value proposition, FreshSpoke gets an overwhelming nod from all our customer segments.

May, 2016

A significant pivot in the business model

The new founding team zeros in on the problem of market access and hit the ground running tackling the software build of the first iteration of our commercial local food procurement system with a newly minted development team.

April, 2016

Ei•ei•eat partners with Georgian College and receives GF2 grant

A $47K OMAFRA grant is awarded under Growing Forward 2 with the intent to produce an online video series featuring local food makers from across Ontario.

September, 2015

Early seed investors come on board

Ei•ei•eat attracts early investment from seasoned investors and business partners Craig Busch and Drew Dekker.

August, 2015

ei•ei•eat launches Kickstarter Campaign

Ei•ei•eat is a staff pick, receives national press and attracts early investment despite falling short of our goal.

March, 2015

ei•ei•eat validates the business model with food producers

Ei•ei•eat’s MVP showcases to over 800 food business delegates at Food Entrepreneurship Showcases held across Ontario.

February, 2015

Students4Soup Challenge ignites a conversation about local food in the media

Ei•ei•eat brings together restaurants, producers and students in one event centred around local food. Students compete by creating an original soup made of locally sourced ingredients with the top 3 served in local area restaurants. The top honours team receives free tuition to Georgian College’s Culinary Program for a semester.

December 2014

The scalable local food platform concept comes to life as ei•ei•eat

With input from hundreds of producers, chefs and others, the concept of a single source platform that connects local food buyers and sellers everywhere is unveiled under the brand of ei•ei•eat.

September 2014


Marcia Woods, CEO

Marketer & 3X tech entrepreneur

Henry Quach, CTO

Software Engineer & 3X tech entrepreneur

Our Investors

Why I'm An Investor ?

"This company ticks all the boxes. I love technology, game changers, social consciousness and the new sharing economy, and cherish the opportunity to be a part of this. I think we are going to change the way we get our food and being a part of this on the ground level is so exciting!"

Drew Dekker

Founder of NetGain SEO

Why I'm An Investor ?

"Local nutritious food delivered fresh with a minimal carbon foot print while supporting local producers...come on, How could we not get behind this!? It just works in so many ways!"

Craig Busch

President & CEO of Busch Systems

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12 Dunlop Street East, Barrie, Ontario L4M 1A3, Canada