FreshSpoke is reshaping the future of food

Our local food marketplace is on the cutting edge of an economic revolution known as the “sharing economy”, making it possible for us to get what we need from each other instead of large food enterprises and for revenue to flow through the local ecosystem, directly to the wallets of farmers and other producers. So fasten your seatbelts! FreshSpoke is dreaming big and driving forward with new features connecting field and fork in more ways than you ever thought possible.

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Marcia Woods, CEO

Marketer & 3X tech entrepreneur

Henry Quach, CTO

Software Engineer & 3X tech entrepreneur

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"This company ticks all the boxes. I love technology, game changers, social consciousness and the new sharing economy, and cherish the opportunity to be a part of this. I think we are going to change the way we get our food and being a part of this on the ground level is so exciting!"

Drew Dekker

Founder of NetGain SEO

Why I'm An Investor ?

"Local nutritious food delivered fresh with a minimal carbon foot print while supporting local producers...come on, How could we not get behind this!? It just works in so many ways!"

Craig Busch

President & CEO of Busch Systems

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