Wholesale buyers browse and buy
from your shop.

You receive an order notification via
SMS and email.

Delivery is scheduled based on your
processing time

Click Pick Deliver All in one easy to use web & mobile web

It's a set of simple tools designed to improve efficency in your operation, freeing you up for more important things

Engage a mass of buyers through the collective efforts of likeminded sellers within a vibrant marketplace.

Reach a big crowd of targeted customers

Manage orders, payment & delivery in one place

Get paid bi-weekly by direct deposit

Earn extra income delivering local food


Create your shop, publish your products & watch your business grow!

Easy go to market tools

Using a set of straight forward tools and a few clicks you can add and manage unlimited products, set inventory and processing times.

Customer management & communication

Keep track of all your customers in one place. Easily see what they bought, when they bought it and keep them engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Built-in payment processing

FreshSpoke relieves you of the billing and collections burden. We bundle the order and delivery into one secure transaction, then settle your account bi-weekly

Integrated delivery & logistics

Going my way? Sellers may opt to leverage in-house delivery services to earn extra cash by delivering for other sellers.

A powerful marketing engine

FreshSpoke is a powerful marketing engine that reaches thousands of buyers everyday with updates on what's fresh and available, promotions and more!

Transparency & credibility

Improve your competiveness and instill confidence in your food by providing buyers with certainty about your products and production practices.

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