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We are grateful for your interest in FreshSpoke. A member of our Supplier Success team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. Also, please check your mail box to verify your email ownership.

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More about how we work

Here’s what we look for in a great supplier

Local food that consumers want at a price that makes sense.

A consistent supply of products meet all the rules and regulations.

Ability to scale without stepping on the toes of your other sales channels.

Partners that engage in the promotion of their products & FreshSpoke.

Sales & Logistics Features

We make it easy for Suppliers to sell online.

Easy go-to-market tools

Using a set of straight forward tools and a few clicks you can add and manage your products, set inventory and wholesale pricing.

Quickly process offline orders

For wholesale customers that buy direct from you, our ideal order desk has built-in customer management, invoicing and automatically schedules your order for delivery.

Built-in payment processing

FreshSpoke relieves you of the billing and collections burden. We bundle the order and delivery into one secure transaction, then settle your account twice per month.

Business, Home & Curbside Delivery

Our unique shared delivery system enables us to consolidate product orders across multiple local suppliers, delivering to clusters of buyers on a regular schedule.

A powerful marketing engine

FreshSpoke is a powerful marketing engine that reaches thousands of buyers everyday with updates on what's fresh and available, promotions and more!

Transparency & credibility

Improve your competiveness and instill confidence in your food by providing buyers with certainty about your products and production practices.

How it Works

Once we have determined we’re a good fit for you and your products, it’s go-time!

Once you have reviewed our terms of service and pricing structure, we will email you an invitation to set up your shop in our marketplace. There is no upfront fee. We collect a transaction fee on each sale. Storage is charged on a pay-as you go basis

You handle the first mile to one of our facilities and we take it from there. The frequency of inbound shipments is influenced by the shelf-life of your product and how quickly your product turns over.

Once your shop is published, the Supplier Success team will collaborate with you on strategies and promotional programs designed to amp up sales.

You have access to all your wholesale orders in real time. We batch these transactions on the 1st and 15th of each month and collect our transaction fee, then issue payment directly to your bank account.