Food 4 Life Market Garden

Minimum order: $400.00 CAD

General Business Ethics
Food 4 Life Market Garden aims to conduct business with the highest level of integrity and ethics. We are passionate about bringing the best quality products to our customers and are committed to practices that reduce our impact on the environment.
The price of products presented in shop and product profiles are inclusive of packaging and assembly fees. Taxes and delivery fees may be added at checkout if applicable.
Product/ Packaging Safety & Quality
Food 4 Life Market Garden ‘s products meet or surpass all production and food safety regulations including appropriate packaging and labelling practices.
Refund Policy
If buyer is not satisfied with a product they must submit a dispute claim on the FreshSpoke system within one hour of receiving the order. Refund or replacement may be issued based on the outcome of the dispute process. Buyers can submit Disputes in the #My Orders section of their profile.
FreshSpoke allows buyers to cancel orders within 24 hrs of purchase without incident. Buyers can cancel orders in the #My Orders section of their profile.
Food 4 Life Market Garden , warrants that all products and materials (a) shall conform to all specifications and descriptions presented at time of purchase (b) shall be of good quality and free from defects, and (c) shall be new and not refurbished or reconditioned, unless agreed to by buyer.
Meet Food 4 Life Market Garden

Food 4 Life Market Garden located in Pelham, ON (Niagara Region), ensures that the freshest and tastiest produce makes it from our farm to your table. We do not use any pesticide or chemicals. We practice sustainable farming using cover crop, crop rotation and composted manure. Our farm is in the process of pre-certification to Organic Farm Certification.

- Meng from Food 4 Life Market Garden

203 Kilgour Avenue, Welland, ON
T: 1-647-998-9887
Foodland Ontario
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