Jubilee Forest Farm

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General Business Ethics
Here at Jubilee it's more than just following approved guidelines to get a certificate, stamp or sticker on a product. It's more than just an acceptable variation of chemical agribusiness with organic sprays and fertilizers. It's rejecting conventional wisdom and looking to the pattern's of the natural world's soil-plant economy. It's growing the most nutritious food possible while respecting the primacy of a healthy planet.
You can back into the drive way and we'll meet you at the side door of the house.
Meet Jubilee Forest Farm

Jubilee Forest Farm promises to be no ordinary farm! We are a first generation, family owned, pasture based, beyond organic, informational outreach farm that is using regenerative agriculture to set up and sustain the farm. We strive to produce nutrient dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes the land and those who partake of its bounty.

- Angela from Jubilee Forest Farm

721 Bethel Road Picton, ON, Canada
T: 1-613-848-5162
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