Pear Rosewater Kombucha - sku 627987209235

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A beautiful kombucha, from pear’s delicate sweetness and floral notes from rosewater. Ginger acts as a base to add texture and ensures the floral notes are light and balanced.. Paired with the aromatic notes of our Kombucha tea a soothing and gentle experience is created, perfect for slow sipping.

Produced in:
Toronto, ON
Min. Processing Time:
1 day
Delivery From:
297 Campbell Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada
Pick-up Available: NO
Delivery Available: YES (Delivery by FreshDispatch)
Permitted Vehicles:
Cargo Van check Box Truck check Tractor-trailer close

OK! Kombucha

We are Ontario's Premium Craft Kombucha Brewery bringing you a delicious and refreshing experience. We believe that good health should taste great and kombucha should be enjoyable and accessible. We source the freshest ingredients and provide the most unique flavour experiences possible. See our line up of unique flavours, available both as bottle sand on tap.