JUMBO BULK KIM-CHI, Green Table Foods

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Our popular organic vegan kim-chi in jumbo bulk food service format. Twenty-one and a half kilogram pail with tamper-evident seal. Perfect for restaurants, deli-counters, self-serve take-out stations, and as an ingredient for processors. Certified organic, made in Guelph, Ontario from farm-direct ingredients.

Produced in:
Guelph, ON
Min. Processing Time:
14 days
Delivery From:
40 Taggart Street, Guelph, ON, Canada
Pick-up Available: YES
  • Thursday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Delivery Available: YES (Delivery by FreshDispatch)
Permitted Vehicles:
Cargo Van check Box Truck check Tractor-trailer check

Green Table Foods

Canada's premier formulator and maker of traditional vegetable pickles. We ferment kim-chi and kraut, carrots, beets, salsa, and veggies the way your great Grandparents did back in the day. Made from farm-direct ingredients, our recipes reflect the best of Ontario grown produce. All products are Raw, Pro-Biotic, Enzyme Rich, and Dee-Lish.