Ancient Rye- 8 bags/box

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100% whole grain, stone ground, Rye flour grown organically in Prince Edward County, ON. Jubilee's Whole Rye Flour contains the entire rye seed or berry. Nothing added, nothing taken away - no industrial processing and no strange ingredients. Enjoy the distinctive old world flavour of rye in classic deli rye sandwich breads, pumpernickel and artisan breads or enjoy in rolls, crackers, cookies, pie crust, pizza dough and pancakes. This flour is also ideal for traditional sourdough starters. Visit our website for recipes- 

Produced in:
721 Bethel Road Picton, ON
Min. Processing Time:
3 days
Delivery From:
721 Bethel Road Picton, ON, Canada
Pick-up Available: YES
Delivery Available: YES (Delivery by FreshDispatch)
Permitted Vehicles:
Cargo Van check Box Truck check Tractor-trailer check

Jubilee Forest Farm

Jubilee Forest Farm promises to be no ordinary farm! We are a first generation, family owned, pasture based, beyond organic, informational outreach farm that is using regenerative agriculture to set up and sustain the farm. We strive to produce nutrient dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes the land and those who partake of its bounty.